About Us

singh-cpa-254x300 Singh-CPA was launched on Oct 1, 2012.  Before going on his, Baljinder worked in an accounting firm for five years. Giving a brief history of how it all began, Baljinder recalled that he migrated to the US in 2005. An income tax attorney in India his goal was to practice law in the US too, but as things turned out he got enrolled in a Master of Accountancy program after which he landed a job in an accounting firm. His next goal was to take the CPA test. This took hours of study and preparation along with work pressure. But as Baljinder was always good with numbers and an excellent student of mathematics, he passed all the four sections of the CPA test in the first attempt.  He then relocated to California where he landed a job.  Not really satisfied with this, he decided to break off on his own. This was a tough decision but as he recalls it was his wife who really stood by him and was his inspiration. So, Singh-CPA was born.

Main services offered include filing of tax returns apart from tax advice and future tax planning, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services and sale tax filings for small businesses.

Baljinder mentions that along with his CPA certification, he also have a Masters degree in accounting from CSU Ohio and has worked in various tax and audit roles. This has enabled him to acquire extensive knowledge of tax and accounting laws which helps in understanding and catering to individual and business needs of his clients. His personality and helpfulness are a perfect combination for customer service. Baljinder also has hands on knowledge of IRS issues and has helped many clients in this area. While he is highly skilled in the field of federal and state tax issues, his greatest interest is in getting to know his clients and in helping to bring success to the businesses in which they are involved. Apart from that, he also helps clients with formation and filing tax returns for Trusts and Estates. Baljinder believes that his hard work, sincerity and goal oriented attitude are the keys of success as a CPA. He adds, “ When it comes to selecting a CPA firm, the types and quality of services offered are important, but it’s not just what an accounting firm does that makes the difference – it’s the character of the firm that counts. Singh CPA is built on the bases of client service and their satisfaction. My clients always tell me that my hands-on proactive approach is what they value along with the personal attention and strong relationships I strive to maintain. My mission is to help clients achieve financial success – by providing book keeping, payroll and tax services through a long-term relationship built on trust and service.”

Singh – CPA is located at 18184 Valley Blvd # 101, Bloomington, CA 92316. Phone: 909-440-5169